Primary Programs

Swimming, Gymnastics and Diving
Combined Into a Brand New Program

For Ages 4 to 12

Dive Academy

Learn to Dive
High School

Bronze Junior Olympic 

Dive Seattle National Team Training

Travel and Competition
By Invitation Only

Diving Is Mastery

Excellence doesn’t just happen. It is coaxed,
and encouraged into existence.

Diving is about excellence because it is
always about surpassing your best day.

Who brings that out of you
is one of the most important coaching choices
you can ever make.

The ability to be free in the water,
to see the air movement of a dive,
and to easily relax on a safe entry.
That is what we give you.

Nothing will help you know
how your body moves in space
better than knowing how you use your body
in, on, and around the water.

Nothing else disciplines your mind
like knowing how to frame your next move.

Success, in the face of adversity.

Come on in.
The Water’s Fine.


Power. Passion. Performance.

We LOVE DIVING and are passionate about our sport and everything in aquatics. We want to touch every swimmer, diver, coach and athlete and empower their success. Please subscribe to our club and stay connected to our calendar for upcoming events, courses, and meet schedules, our dryland and acrobatic classes, camps, instructor training workshops, and MORE great aquatics and diving fun.

Springboard Diving General Aquatics

Lessons & Training

DiveSeattle offers springboard diving lessons, dryland training, and SwimGym aquatics for residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Auburn, Fife, Kent, Mercer Island, Federal Way and more.

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