Raising Money for the Diving Community – DiveSeattle Dive-A-ThonDavid Boudia
Ok, we got a very special call from California yesterday of someone who wants to support our Dive-A-Thon for a DiveSeattle Diver, Callie Mejia! She asked how to PAY for her donation….. so here’s the link for anyone wanting to help us raise funds for a dry board with spotting harness! We need $7,000 to fund it :).

Did we mention David Boudia, Olympic Gold Medalist diver is chipping in for our top prize! Also, Olympic Coach, Ilich Marcano, is offering a 1 hour FREE lesson to any diver who raises $500 or more! How cool would that be to raise $500 for the dryboard AND you get a free lesson with an Olympic coach?
Awesomeness! Donate Here and Support DiveSeattle – Springboard Diving for All Levels